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Plan multi-stop routes

Easily plan your trip itinerary on an interactive map and see distances and driving times

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Find places along the route

Find attractions, restaurants or accomodation along your driving route

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Find inspiration

Explore our growing collections of ready-made road trip routes.

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Share your itinerary

Invite family and friends to plan your route together. Or share your trip itinerary as a neat document

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Discover Inspiring Routes

Explore our curated selection of epic road trips for every taste. Get inspired and use our guides as templates for your own planning.

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Plan Your Road Trip

Build the perfect trip itinerary and pin as many locations on the map as you like. You’ll see distances connecting the waypoints and know the driving times between multiple stops. Search points of interest like attractions, trails, or national parks. Choose if you’re traveling by car or RV to optimize your route accordingly.